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Cities: Skylines is a simulation city-building video game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive.[1] The game is available for digital distribution via Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux initially released on March 10, 2015. An Xbox One version is planned for release in 2016.[2]

Cities: Skylines features two expansion packs: After Dark and Snowfall, with heavy focus on the day-and-night cycle and weather system, respectively.[3][4] The game also distributes a Digital Deluxe edition, which contains unique buildings such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.[5] Cities: Skylines is required to access contents from any expansion pack and bonus content.


Cities: Skylines features the typical city-building aspect by creating and maintaining an evergrowing city. As the mayor of the city, the game features challenging simulations such as providing healthcare, fire safety, crime watch, the education system, water and sewage, and power to meet the needs of the citizens. Traffic is well-crafted to simulate a bustling, growing city. Policies can be enforced city-wide or through specialized districts to allow set areas to have different laws, for example, banning heavy traffic from that area. Transportation is also heavily featured in Cities: Skylines, featuring commuter transport such as buses, the underground metro system, railway, air, and sea travel.[1]

Modding supportEdit

Overall, Cities: Skylines mainly focuses on the extensive modding support, with hundreds of custom content, mods, maps, and themes from the Steam Workshop. Players can create custom maps from the map editor, featuring terraforming tools to create intriguing designs of land and sea. The asset editor allows for custom buildings, parks, props, and more to create a unique city. The theme editor focuses on the ability to create different styles of the environment by changing the atmosphere feel and texture of the land, allowing the capability of creating an out-of-this-world styled map theme.[1]





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