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Zarya and the Cursed Skull is an Action-RPG in which you are a mage with great power who discover a new dimension full of surprises.

Zarya and her best friend Abbie are spending their summer vacation in Paris with Zarya’s grandfather. When he takes her back to the village where she was born, the teen begins to notice that strange things are happening all around her : the reappearance of black beasts no one had seen for two hundred years ; high-pitched whistling sounds ; objects that move on their own. Meanwhile, in Paris, young girls are disappearing…

MachiaVillain is a horror mansion management game for PC, Mac & Linux, inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Prison Architect, and every horror movie cliche ever. Build your own manor, raise monsters, set traps, and slaughter your victims. It's what any good villain would do!

The most important part of being an evil mastermind? Building your mansion, a.k.a. House of Death, a.k.a. The Place Where You Make and Keep the Bodies. MachiaVillain lets you sculpt this abode as you play, giving you all the freedom you need to forge the mansion of your nightmares. Also, of your victim's nightmares, since, you know, you'll be killing them and whatnot.

In Lobotomy Corporation, you have joined a mysterious company. Here, you and your employees will manage various creatures. Wrong instructions given to your employees can lead them into horrible deaths. They will murder their fellow coworkers and commit suicide by opening up the containment chambers in panic.

To prevent such things from happening, you will have to manage the monsters in a right way and expand the company's facility with energy collected from them.

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Hubstar-yellow Space Chronicles
Hubstar-yellow Alice in Tokyo Wonderland
Hubstar-yellow Visage
Hubstar-yellow Runeous
Hubstar-yellow Crypt Fiends
Hubstar-yellow Broken
Hubstar-yellow Human Heroes
Hubstar-yellow Nebula: Sole Survivor
Hubstar-yellow Deliver Us The Moon
Hubstar-yellow The Triangle
Hubstar-yellow Knights and Bikes
Hubstar-yellow Battalion 1944
Hubstar-yellow Bitter Truth
Hubstar-yellow Quantum Chess
Hubstar-yellow The Fifth Expedition
Hubstar-yellow Barons of the Galaxy
Hubstar-yellow Pepper & Carrot: Chaosah Balls
Hubstar-red Hey, Look Up!

Hubstar-yellow Zarya and the Cursed Skull
Hubstar-yellow OVERLOAD
Hubstar-yellow The Legend of Herod
Hubstar-yellow MachiaVillain
Hubstar-yellow The Works of Mercy
Hubstar-yellow A-Gents
Hubstar-yellow Cyberpunk Casanova
Hubstar-yellow A Place for the Unwilling
Hubstar-yellow Feudal Wars
Hubstar-yellow Dragon of Legends
Hubstar-yellow Pinstripe
Hubstar-yellow Tesla Tales
Hubstar-yellow Decoded System Shutdown
Hubstar-yellow Creepy Road
Hubstar-yellow FreeFall
Hubstar-yellow Wounded
Hubstar-yellow Nakiti Generations
Hubstar-yellow Wildman

Hubstar-yellow Mad In Heaven
Hubstar-red Empire Royale: War of Kingdoms
Hubstar-yellow Discordia: Guardians of the Domain
Hubstar-orange The Gem Collector
Hubstar-yellow Mediocre Monster
Hubstar-blue Kaidan
Hubstar-yellow FADE
Hubstar-orange Nostalgia: Two Worlds
Hubstar-yellow Atomic Society
Hubstar-yellow Nelo
Hubstar-yellow Posthuman: Sanctuary
Hubstar-yellow Lobotomy Corporation
Hubstar-yellow Follia Dear Father
Hubstar-yellow Dwelvers
Hubstar-yellow Failure
Hubstar-yellow Nocturne Zero

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Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellow.svg 7 Days to Die
Hubstar-yellow.svg A Hat in Time
Hubstar-blue.svg Alteil Horizons
Hubstar-yellow.svg Amplitude
Hubstar-green.svg ApocalypZe
Hubstar-yellow.svg Aquanox: Deep Descent
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
Hubstar-yellow.svg Armello
Hubstar-yellow.svg Ascension Online
Hubstar-yellow.svg Bacillus
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Banner Saga
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Bard's Tale IV
Hubstar-yellow.svg Battle Chasers: Nightwar
Hubstar-yellow.svg BittyBay
Hubstar-yellow.svg Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Hubstar-yellow.svg Broken Sword
Hubstar-yellow.svg Carmageddon
Hubstar-yellow.svg Castle Story
Hubstar-yellow.svg Chaos Reborn
Hubstar-yellow.svg Children of Morta
Hubstar-yellow.svg Crowfall
Hubstar-yellow.svg Darkest Dungeon
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Dead Linger
Hubstar-yellow.svg Dead State
Hubstar-yellow.svg Diluvion
Hubstar-yellow.svg Divinity: Original Sin
Hubstar-yellow.svg Doko Roko
Hubstar-blue.svg Dragon Fin Soup
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Dreamland Chronicles

Hubstar-yellow.svg Duelyst
Hubstar-yellow.svg Dungeonmans
Hubstar-yellow.svg Earthlock
Hubstar-yellow.svg ECO
Hubstar-blue.svg Edge of Eternity
Hubstar-yellow.svg Elite: Dangerous
Hubstar-yellow.svg Elsinore
Hubstar-yellow.svg EVERSPACE
Hubstar-blue.svg Flight Rising
Hubstar-yellow.svg FORCED: Eternal Arenas
Hubstar-yellow.svg Formula Fusion
Hubstar-yellow.svg Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg
Hubstar-yellow.svg H-Hour: World's Elite
Hubstar-yellow.svg Halcyon 6
Hubstar-yellow.svg Haunts: The Manse Macabre
Hubstar-yellow.svg Heart Forth, Alicia
Hubstar-yellow.svg Hero Generations
Hubstar-yellow.svg HEX
Hubstar-yellow.svg Hover: Revolt Of Gamers
Hubstar-yellow.svg Hyper Light Drifter
Hubstar-yellow.svg Into the Stars
Hubstar-green.svg Killer Bunnies
Hubstar-yellow.svg Kinetic Void
Hubstar-yellow.svg Knock-Knock
Hubstar-yellow.svg Last Life
Hubstar-yellow.svg Legends of Persia
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Letter
Hubstar-yellow.svg Light Fall

Hubstar-yellow.svg Limit Theory
Hubstar-blue.svg Little Devil Inside
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Long Dark
Hubstar-yellow.svg Magicite
Hubstar-yellow.svg Massive Chalice
Hubstar-blue.svg Mercenary Kings
Hubstar-yellow.svg Monster's Den
Hubstar-yellow.svg Nelly Cootalot
Hubstar-yellow.svg Night in the Woods
Hubstar-blue.svg Nova Blitz
Hubstar-yellow.svg Novus AEterno
Hubstar-yellow.svg On a Roll
Hubstar-yellow.svg Overfall
Hubstar-yellow.svg Pankapu the Dreamkeeper
Hubstar-yellow.svg Planetary Annihilation
Hubstar-yellow.svg Planets³
Hubstar-yellow.svg Prodigy
Hubstar-yellow.svg Project Eternity
Hubstar-yellow.svg Project: Gorgon
Hubstar-yellow.svg Project Nimbus
Hubstar-yellow.svg Project Phoenix
Hubstar-yellow.svg Project Resurgence
Hubstar-yellow.svg Quern: Undying Thoughts
Hubstar-yellow.svg Ravaged
Hubstar-blue.svg Rawbots
Hubstar-yellow.svg Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius
Hubstar-yellow.svg The Repopulation
Hubstar-blue.svg Republique
Hubstar-yellow.svg Satellite Reign
Hubstar-blue.svg Shadow Era

Hubstar-yellow.svg Shadowrun Online
Hubstar-yellow.svg Shadowrun Returns
Hubstar-blue.svg Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Hubstar-yellow.svg Shards Online
Hubstar-yellow.svg Shenmue III
Hubstar-yellow.svg Shovel Knight
Hubstar-yellow.svg SolForge
Hubstar-yellow.svg Spark Rising
Hubstar-yellow.svg Squad
Hubstar-yellow.svg StarCrawlers
Hubstar-yellow.svg Stash
Hubstar-yellow.svg Stonehearth
Hubstar-yellow.svg Superhot
Hubstar-yellow.svg Tales of Fallen London
Hubstar-yellow.svg Tokyo Dark
Hubstar-yellow.svg Torment: Tides of Numenera
Hubstar-yellow.svg Umbra
Hubstar-yellow.svg UnderTale
Hubstar-yellow.svg Unsung Story
Hubstar-yellow.svg Wanderer
Hubstar-yellow.svg War for the Overworld
Hubstar-yellow.svg War of Rights
Hubstar-yellow.svg Warmachine: Tactics
Hubstar-yellow.svg Wasteland 2
Hubstar-yellow.svg We Happy Few
Hubstar-yellow.svg Winterflame
Hubstar-yellow.svg Yogventures
Hubstar-blue.svg Yooka-Laylee

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